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Make a 3-minute video explaining your child’s problem in detail. Include the child’s behaviour and symptoms during 3 different times of the day, like morning, evening and night.

Also include changes in the behaviour of your child in different locations. For example, see the change in behaviour exhibited at home, in a playground, and inside a classroom and include it in the video.

Online consultation is conducted in 40-minute sessions.

1) 3 Minute Video
2) Behaviour during 3 different timings
3) Behaviour at 3 different locations

India : Rs. 999/session.
USA | UK : $24.99 USD/session.

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Immunotherapy has been garnering a lot of attraction in recent years as its effects have been truly remarkable. By boosting the immunity and reducing the inflammatory response in an autistic child it restores balance to the immune system thereby reducing autistic signs and symptoms.

This extremely effective method of treatment is used to make the lives of autistic children and their parents better in many ways. The results are immediate and long-lasting.

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)

Autism is a neurological developmental and behavioural disorder impacting the communication and social interaction skills. Many show very restricted interest bordering on obsession and repetitive behaviour known as stereotype behaviour.

Attention deficient hyperactive disorder (ADHD)

Attention deficient hyperactive disorder (ADHD),-one of the most common co morbid condition seen in children associated with ASD. In fact they are so closely linked that many a time autistic children have been misdiagnoses with ADHD and vice-versa.

Behavior Problems

Children are god’s gift to mankind and bring happiness to us with their mischief and naughtiness. But in few children their mischief, obstinate and impetuous behaviour may cross the border of acceptable norms and may be a cause of concern as they may be suffering from a behavioural disorder.

Mental Retardation

Mental Retardation or Intellectual disability is a condition in which the intelligence quotient (IQ) of the individual is less than normal. While an individual having IQ above 80 is considered normal, those below it are considered as disabled.

Parental Guidance

Child upbringing itself is not an easy task and is stressful in itself, especially now-a- days with more and more families opting for nuclear setup and if you have a child having behavioural or personality disorder then it may appear to be all the more stressful.

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