Homeopathy for Autism in India

A homeopathy is a form of science that is especially effective against people with autism and other such ailments. This is because Homeopathy stimulates healing by mimicking the symptoms of the diseases in people who are healthy. This is also because of the unique nature of how autism affects children. No two cases of autism are alike, so it is not justified to treat the children who are suffering in a generalized manner. This is why Homeopathy for autism can produce maximum benefits.

Homeopathy is versatile enough to alter its procedures to best suit each and every individual child, this way the healing is more personal and in turn more effective. In addition to these benefits, homeopathy has almost no side effects, provides long-term lasting relief, and they are also easier for the children to consume.


The role of nutrition for the proper growth and development of a child. It becomes all the more imperative when a child suffers from Autism or ADHD or other disorders.

Generally, children are picky eaters and those suffering from ASD may also have few food intolerances too. Hence, these children may also suffer from nutritional deficiencies. They also suffer from frequent bouts of gastrointestinal troubles adding to their woes. Additionally, children with autism might develop a preference for a certain taste or color of food and might decide not to diverge from there preference. Hence, diet also plays an important role in these children.

Though many theories float regarding perfect diet for autistic children a diet which limits sugar intake, gluten and dairy products are recommended. Vitamins especially those belonging to B-complex, Vitamin D and omega 3 help the children in their overall development. Please contact a doctor for detailed advice on the diet.

Precaution and care against autism

Researchers are still looking for the proper reason for the cause of autism. There is no conclusive reason for autism that current medical science knows the reason to. Hence, it is impossible to completely avoid giving birth to kids who have autism. That said, there are a few precautions that can reduce the chances of your child developing autism.

Avoid drugs during pregnancy: This seems like an obvious preclusion but doesn’t consume any narcotics that aren’t supposed to be in your body. Double check with your doctor to see if you NEED to take that medication.

Get off alcohol: Consuming alcohol during pregnancy has many negative effects on the growth and development of the baby. In fact, if possible keep the consumption of caffeine to a minimum as well. A cup of coffee a day is fine, but not more.

Regular checkups: Remember that the heather you are the less are the chances of your baby developing autism. Seeking medication before conceiving a child would be ideal.

Vaccination is important: Getting yourself vaccinated before you conceive your child is the safest route. For example, taking vaccination for Rubella (German Measles) to avoid related autism problems for your child.

Safety tips for homes with autistic children

A home can be a hazardous place for an autistic kid. If proper precautions are not taken, it could lead to serious problems for the child and a lot of worry for the parents.

Here are a couple of things you could do to Autism proof your home.

Objects that have weight on the top like cupboards and lamps need to be fastened to the floor or the wall behind them to make sure they don’t fall on the child.

Washing, cleaning and cleansing chemicals like detergents, soaps and shampoos are to be kept away from the child’s reach. Preferably put them in high places where the children can’t see them.

Try to keep a vigilant eye on what your child is doing when you have hot water boiling of hot objects around. Autistic kids have a harder time learning and adapting so they might end up hurting themselves repeatedly.

Fire safety is a major concern for any household with children. This is especially true with children suffering from autism and other such disabilities. They have a harder time understanding and avoiding these mistakes, hence they tend to repeat what they previously did wrong, harming themselves and others around them.

‘Visitor warning’ is a really important lesson you can teach your autistic child. As autistic kids are older but suffer from the disability they need to understand the difference between a friendly and a hostile person. For example, opening doors to random strangers could be dangerous to children. Although it is challenging, teaching them to ask necessary questions would help them in the long run.

In addition to teaching them questioning others, teaching them a way to get back home is good in case they might wander outside the home. At least communicating there home address or a parents phone number would help people in the area help the child get back home safely.