Positive Autism thrives to treat kids with neurological disorders like Autism, ADHD, Hyperactivity… permanently with an array of Advanced Immunotherapy treatments.
Our Motto is blessing neurologically challenged kids with the life they truly “deserve”.Our continuous and relentless efforts in pursuing this objective has been highly fruitful with many patients achieving a complete cure for their disorders.

Here are some words of Autistic Kids’ Parents who have expressed their happiness and satisfaction over the treatment availed at Dr. A M Reddy Autism Centre.

Sri Lakshmi
Happy Patient

I was really upset when I found out that my 3 and half-year-old son had autism. I almost went into depression but then a friend suggested Dr. AM Reddy Autism Center. I saw a positive change in 6 months. I am thankful to Dr. AM Reddy for all that he has done.

Shobhan Reddy
Happy Patient

I thought my girl was a late bloomer when she didn’t start speaking when she was 2 and a half. I started to get worried when she turned 3 and a half and didn’t say a work. I got it checked and found out it was autism. I was devastated. Luckily, Dr AM Reddy’s Autism Center helped me through it and My child is doing so much better.

Sraswathi Devi
Happy Patient

Rahul was my third child. Both his brothers started to say works by 2 and saying sentences by 3. Rahul was slow. Worried, I consulted a doctor and found out that he was autistic. I immediately opted for expert help and went to meet Dr AM Reddy. He was patient and explained the situation to me. Me and Rahul both worked hard and now he is so much better.