Learning Disabilities

Learning disability is a common problem faced by children with Autism. On average, 1 person in every 100 people has a learning disability but in the case of autism patients, about 40 children in every 100 children suffer from it. This is a cause of serious concern.

An average person has an IQ between 70 and 130. A person can be diagnosed with having a learning disability is he or she has an IQ of less than 70. Of course, there are a few other variables that factor into having a learning disability, but it is a problem nonetheless.

Children with a learning disability might, trouble controlling their behaviour. This could lead to sudden outbursts of extreme emotions like fits of rage, uncontrollable crying, etc.

Another common symptom of learning disability is difficulty adapting to new places or new people. This can be seen when children who are usually well-behaved and calm in a familiar environment or with familiar people end up becoming agitated and disoriented with new people and new places. All kids have trouble with adapting, but children with a learning disability are not adapting and hence preferring same locations.

Other signs of having a learning disability are showcasing repeated behaviour, injuring themselves frequently (more frequently than other children), epilepsy, etc.

Something that everyone around the child with a learning disability can do is provide positive encouragement and understanding.

When children with a learning disability see other children who are the same age as they are doing things while they aren’t able to destroys their confidence and sense of self-worth. It is absolutely pivotal that people who interact with them give them the morale boost they need.

Other than that, Homeopathy has worked wonders for patients suffering from learning disability. It is effective, reliable and doesn’t have any side effects. With the help of proper medication and help from people around them, even children with disabilities can live fulfilling, happy lives.