Parental Guidance

Child upbringing itself is not an easy task and is stressful in itself, especially now-a- days with more and more families opting for nuclear setup and if you have a child having behavioural or personality disorder then it may appear to be all the more stressful. Dealing with children having disorders like autism, ADHD, etc. needs lots of patience and perseverance from parents. Many a time parents may lose hope and bring out their frustrations and anger at these children. As parents it is important that you are emotionally strong, take care of yourself and take help of relatives or friends when needed. Given below are general tips to parents:

  1. Be consistent in your approach and stick to a routine- if they learn a new skill make sure they keep practicing repeatedly in the same manner
  2. Involve them in day to day activity
  3. Schedule a play time and ensure it is a fun filled activity in which the child can be involved
  4. Reward good behaviour
  5. Build on your child’s strength
  6. Breakdown a task into simple steps.
  7. Understand the trigger factor for your child’s behaviour at a particular time
  8. Take adequate rest while taking care of your child without feeling guilty.
  9. Ensure you have sufficient sleep. Remember sleep deprivation makes us irritable and grumpy.
  10. Ventilate out your feelings or frustrations either through blog, or talking to support group etc., but not on the child.
  11. Take help of a support system