Tips to Help ADHD Children Focus Better

Many kids struggle to focus, wait, be patient, and behave impulsively. The symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsivity, organization, and inattention in children who fit the diagnostic criteria for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are notably more severe than would be predicted for their age or developmental stage. 

Having a child with ADHD can be tough on a parent.  Children usually lack focus, but those with ADHD have a severe issue with focus.

Below are a few tips that may help you handle your children with ADHD and also improve their focus:

1. Make direct eye contact as much as possible:

The first and most important tip that might help children suffering from focus is to give them instructions while maintaining eye contact. Maintaining eye contact while talking to them helps them give their full attention. Initially, these children might shy away from maintaining eye contact, but slowly they will become more comfortable with regular practice. They clearly understand that the conversation is with them, and as the days pass, it will help improve their focus.

           “Increase eye contact for an increase in focus.”


Tips to Help ADHD Children Focus Better

Tips to Help ADHD Children Focus Better

2. Organize in advance:

Lack of focus also happens due to poor organization sometimes. If children suffering from ADHD are given a prior schedule, it helps them understand what’s happening next, which makes their lives simpler and more predictable. This also helps in improving their focus. Parents of these children should plan their day-to-day routine well in advance and keep these children posted. 

      “More organization also means more focus.”

3. Give them the time they Need:

A big mistake that most parents make is comparing their children with other children around them. A lot of times, parents expect children to be quick and learn quickly, but once parents understand and address the child’s issue and give them extra time to learn things at their own pace, these children will cope. 

   “Parents are the primary caregivers for children and should give them extra time to learn things at their own pace.”

4. Treat them well and give them confidence-boosting talks: 

Something that every parent should keep in mind is to treat their children well. Give them all the love they deserve, irrespective of their ADHD. Treating children with care and love also helps them overcome their troubles with focus. 

Also, parents should always give children a positive and assuring talk like, 

“You can focus, and you can do this.” 

This helps children boost their confidence, which also improves their focus.

5. Help them Establish and Maintain Social Skills:

One issue that most children with ADHD suffer from is building social relationships. Here is where parents should go the extra mile and support them in building social relations. 

Be patient with them while they initiate new conversations and commit any small mistakes in establishing social relations. 

“A supportive social atmosphere helps them improve in every way.”

6. Adequate Sleep:

We all know that a lack of quality sleep affects every mind. In the case of children, it affects them even more. Children need a night of quality sleep for good focus the next day. Their concentration issues can cause difficulty falling asleep. A constant, early bedtime is the most effective technique for combating this issue.

In today’s generation, children play with gadgets and also watch screens throughout the day. This affects their sleep time and quality. 

“For quality sleep, limit your child’s screen time.”

7. Balanced Nutrition and Playtime:

Fresh foods, regular meal times, and avoiding junk food benefit all children. These principles are especially important for children with ADHD. Children with ADHD are known for not eating consistently. Without parental supervision, these children may go for hours without eating and then binge on whatever is available. This trend might hurt the child’s physical and emotional well-being.

Prevent harmful eating habits in your child by arranging healthy meals or snacks no more than three hours apart.

Channel your child’s seemingly limitless energy into physical play and formal exercise. We recommend that ADHD children exercise for 60 minutes each day, and activities that emphasize body motions, such as gymnastics or dancing, are typically beneficial. Team sports help youngsters with ADHD concentrate because they get exercise and social interaction and must follow the rules of the game.

“A child with ADHD requires a consistent intake of good food and adequate playtime to thrive.”

Parents should make sure that these tips are followed regularly. When they are followed daily, you can see good improvement in your child’s condition. 

Apart from these tips, something that helps greatly is a proper treatment for ADHD. A customized treatment plan as per the child’s condition, along with the above tips, helps you see great improvement in your child’s ADHD.

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