Autism Treatment Using Homeopathy

    Children are a blessing to the parents as most of them give importance to their children as they relish parenthood. Parenting is an ocean as it is filled with the sweet memories of the kids, their activities, mischief, and education. During parenting, most of the parents concentrate on children’s upbringing and dream about their personal and professional growth right from the initial days. Meanwhile, parents ensure that their child’s wishes come true. It is difficult for a parent of a child who is not capable of communicating his thoughts and feelings. The signs of autism in children might be shown from 6 months to 3 years of age, but most of them develop signs from 18 months. Hence, it is recommended to consult experts in early stages to avoid the risk. Read the space below for complete details on autism, its signs and symptoms, and Autism treatment using homeopathy.

    What is Autism?

    Autism is a behavioral disorder that acts on the nervous system of a child, which might be of single or multiple behavioral patterns. Autism inhibits children from performing regular activities, altering the learning ability, behaviors, motor skills, listening, and interactions. According to the reports, children with autism disorder are unique and not even two autistics generate the same symptoms.

    Difference between Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Autism is a single or multiple neurological fluctuations that provoke behavior changes that impact interactional skills and communication. The visible signs of ASD (Autism spectrum disorder) can be seen from the age of 2 to 3 years. In some cases, ASD will be diagnosed in 18 months. However, the severity of autism may vary as to its uniqueness. The ASD symptoms can be mild to severe and hence, grouped under the word, “spectrum”.

    Causes of Autism

    Parents should concentrate on the causes for autism by having an eye on certain factors such as:

    • Genetics
    • Environmental factors
    • Exposure to heavy metals
    • Viruses prone in prenatal, postnatal life
    • Rubella and other TORCH infections
    • Vaccinations like MMR
    • Hypoxic condition in birth
    • Premature delivery
    • Low birth weight
    • Age of the parents during conception
    • Mother’s health at the time of pregnancy

    It’s always recommended to consult the experts in cases of doubtful genetics or family history, before planning a pregnancy or during pregnancy to reduce the risk of having severe spectrum.

    Social Behavior and Understanding

    The social behavior and understanding of the children who develop these disorders include:

    • Inappropriate body language 
    • Gestures 
    • Facial expressions
    • Avoiding eye contact
    • Using facial expressions 
    • Difficulty in making friends of the same age 
    • Unable to understand feelings and reactions of others

    Signs of Autism

    The signs of autism are unique, and they might vary between two people depending upon their occurrence and intensity. However, if the child appears introverted and shy, check the space below:

    • No eye contact although interacting
    • No to play in a group and wishes to be alone
    • Intense reactions such as lip biting, banging, and much more 
    • Intact hearing while they are called by name
    • Facial expressions may be impaired
    • Difficult to interact and relate with the group


    Children who have disorders may exhibit symptoms that include:

    • Problems in school
    • With successful learning
    • Employment problems
    • Stress within the family
    • Inability to live independently
    • Social isolation
    • Victimization and being bullied

    Children might develop other complications if not treated for the long term.


    If you are willing to know about the important signs of speech and other symptoms, including communication difficulties, go through the below points:

    • Speech delay or they may not develop proper speech 
    • Forgetting words 
    • Phrases that were familiar to them earlier
    • Non-verbal gestures for communication
    • Repeating words
    • Phrases over and over again
    • The speech of the children will be flat with a monotonous voice
    • Limited vocabulary 

    Homeopathy Treatment for Autism 

    Dr. A M Reddy Autism Centre is one of the experts in treating children with these disorders. Kids diagnosed at an early age can be better treated according to the clinical experiences as they exhibit remarkable improvement compared to the intervention at later ages.

    A team of doctors is heading the study on these children individually, considering constitutional treatment physically and emotionally. The necessary details of the disease are recorded to assess the children to the best. Treatment includes diet, nutrition, and other activities which work much better for the child to improve well. Children’s capabilities and thinking would improve with the right treatment at the right time.

    Treatment Options

    When you have to understand the children and their activities that possess autism or any other developmental disorders, Physicians concentrate on the child’s behavior and interaction with people around, how they communicate, and much more.

    • Behavior and communication therapies
    • Educational therapies
    • Family therapies
    • Conventional treatment
    • Psychiatric drugs to calm them

    The above mentioned observations help the consultant treat the children for safe recovery in a shorter time.

    Key points

    Most of the kids develop certain unique symptoms; hence observation is necessary to explain the child’s whereabouts which might ease the consultant to treat them better. 

    • Are you worried about the autistic disorders of your child?
    • Visit a professional to get details about early intervention 
    • Assessment about the child psychology 
    • Spend time with self to navigate challenges in support of children
    • Willing to build support to the children for better analysis and to gather information

    The symptoms of autism might alter from person to person, to get a clear idea about the learning and other skills they should be monitored from an early age.


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