Let’s start the blog here with an open mindset because we think there are things one ought to know about Autism. The thoughts and information shared here are based on the perspectives of the time spent with children with Autism. 

We hope you (a parent, teacher, family member, or caretaker) can acquire adequate knowledge and apply it when working with an Autistic child. 

Autism, also known clinically as ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder‘ or ASD, is an umbrella term for a group of neurodevelopmental conditions that cause problems in communication and social interactions. It is a lifelong condition usually diagnosed in early childhood.

The term “Autism” can provide a general description of what the child is going through.

It has to be remembered that regardless of any diagnosis or classification, every person is different, unique, and has strengths and limitations. 

Like everyone else, autistic people deserve respect and understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

Children with Autism find it difficult to comprehend social conventions, communicate effectively, and adapt to changes. They enjoy following a pattern and doing things again. 

Homoeopathic treatment for Autism which is the Immunotherapy treatment at Dr A. M. Reddy Autism Centre, is one of the most effective and beneficial ways to treat children of all ages who suffer from this disorder. 

What are the causes of Autism?

Though the exact causes of Autism are not known, certain factors could be responsible for the disorder, which include

  • Genetics
  • Environmental factors like exposure to heavy toxic metals or air pollutants
  • Exposure of the mother to certain viruses in pre-natal and post-natal life, like TORCH (toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, herpes and other agents) infections
  • Low Oxygen (Hypoxic) condition during birth
  • Premature delivery or Low birth weight
  • Age of the parents during conception
  • External effects on mother’s health during pregnancy.

Symptoms of Autism in Children:

Age: 06 – 12 months

  • Smiles rarely and also rarely mimic the sounds and motions that others make during interactions.
  • Babbling- delayed or infrequent 
  • Missing eye contact
  • Doesn’t smile back
  • By 10 months, does not gesture to communicate
  • Does not reply to their name consistently from six to twelve months.
  • Mayn’t be able to point out things
  • Uncommon postures or other repetitive behaviours
  • Doesn’t wave back
  • Delays in crawling, pushing up, and other motor development milestones. 

As a toddler: 

A year-old toddler with Autism

  • Doesn’t like seeing new people
  • Don’t like being cuddled or hugged
  • Doesn’t crawl
  • Does not reply to their name
  • Not able to point out things needed
  • Speaking fewer words or not speaking
  • Struggling when in need of help but not able to ask for help
  • Can’t stand when supported

Age: 15-18 months

By this age, an Autistic child

  • May not be able to walk or walks only on toes
  • Finds certain sounds, smells or tastes upsetting
  • Makes repetitive movements like the flapping of hands etc. 

Compared to the earlier signals, these signs might be easier to see. However, because of missed warning signs by parents or a lack of awareness, most autistic children are not identified before the age of two.

Age: 2 to 3-Year-Old

Children usually speak or try to mimic the activities of those around them by the time they are 2 to 3 years old.

But it is not the same in the case of children with Autism, the child :

  • Avoids eye contact
  • Is not able to speak or has limited speech
  • Communicates in small words
  • Struggles to follow simple instructions
  • Not interested in playing with other children
  • Prefer their own company
  • Don’t like their routines to be disturbed
  • Difficulty expressing their feelings
  • Doesn’t answer questions properly

Age: 4 years old

  • Doesn’t react when their name is taken
  • Avoids making eye contact
  • Doesn’t like to socialize
  • Dislikes physical contact
  • Has trouble understanding emotions
  • Can’t make complete words
  • Exhibits repetitive behaviour

Age: 5 years old

Signs that your toddler is growing up may be missed or misinterpreted as development symptoms. If you notice any of the following indicators indicating that your kid has a developmental delay, you should speak with your child’s doctor.

  • Exhibits behaviours like unusual anger, sad or shyness
  • Not being active
  • Being easily distraction
  • Problem with staying focused on one activity for a long time 
  • Doesn’t like making friends and playing with them
  • Improper use of grammar while talking
  • Losing skills or traits once they possessed
  • Not responding to others

Diagnosis of Autism

The diagnosis of Autism cannot be made with a single test. A professional doctor or psychologist is responsible for examining and evaluating a child’s behaviour pattern and developmental stage. 

When a kid exhibits symptoms that are thought to be indicative of Autism, the child is evaluated using a variety of autism scales, which include 

  • ADI-R- Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised 
  • ADOS- Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule. 

Various questionnaires are developed to determine the child’s social, communicative, and cognitive capacities. 

Typically, parents delay seeing a doctor until they see late milestones or overall mood swings, which are early indicators of autistic behaviour. 

Compared to late diagnosis, early evaluation and diagnosis help normalize the child and improve prognosis.

Homeopathy Treatment For Autism:

There is no treatment in conventional medicine for  Autism. Counselling, behavioural changes, a healthy diet, and vitamin supplements are all effective ways to manage it. Medications are administered for accompanying problems, including sleep issues, seizures, etc.

But the same is not in the case of Homeopathy Treatment at Dr A. M. Reddy Autism Centre.

Autism can manifest at various periods of life, but it can be controlled most effectively if caught early. At the Dr A M Reddy Autism Center, we provide the greatest care and Immunotherapy treatment for Autism that enable autistic individuals to live typical, fulfilling lives.

The homoeopath here will consider the child’s complete case history when contacted for Autism treatment. The evaluation will cover the child’s current medical complaints, onset, modality, past medical histories, mother’s pregnancy history, family history, exploration of causes for the present problem, and a thorough evaluation of your child’s mental and emotional health status.

Appropriate homoeopathic medication at Autism Centre for Homeopathy Treatment for the child’s Autism symptoms and conditions is given after a thorough case history and analysis. 

A cure like this can significantly improve various challenging and persistent cases when carefully chosen.

If you are worried about your kid, we can assure you that the homoeopathy treatment can give you satisfaction and better assurance. 

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