Dr. A M Reddy, A Homeopathic healer of international fame whose revolutionary remedies bought hope and healing to countless patients started his journey back in the early 2000s.

He has completed his BHMS from Gulbarga University and his master’s from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar University in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Since the 2000s, he has dedicated his entire life to helping people, following the guidance of the Great European and Father of Homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann.

We all know Dr. A M reddy as a first-generation businessman & a Philanthropist but he had endured ups and down in life that made him the prestigious & humble man he is right now.

Early Life:

Born and Bought up in Kurnool, Dr. A M Reddy was very active & mischievous as a kid. After completing his Master’s, he acquired hands-on experience under the guidance of Dr. K. Shiva Shankar for one year and later Established his own Homeopathic clinic with 50,000 Rupees in the 2000s under the name of Krishna Sai and started his journey to heal people and never looked back.

The Journey:

Post establishment of his first-ever clinic, He realized that there was not much awareness of what homeopathy is and how it works. So, Dr. A M Reddy decided to take this to the next level thus giving birth to Positive Homeopathy in more than 20 districts. In 2007, the first-ever branch of Positive Homeopathy was inaugurated in Hyderabad and he expanded it later to 10 branches in Hyderabad and other branches in Chennai (2013), Coimbatore, and Bangalore.

This establishment was the turning point in his career. He has received various accolades, and got recognized as “The Man Of Homeopathy”. Later in 2016, he rebranded Dr. Positive to “Dr. Care Homeopathy”.

At Present, Dr. Care Homeopathy is spread over India with 50+ clinics, 300+ Doctors & 40+ Lakhs patients treated. The motive behind these establishments and expansions is that he believed that it was his responsibility to help people in need as he has the knowledge to do it and never gave up from that point.

Different, Not Less:

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects communication, social interaction, and behavior. In India, there is a lack of awareness and understanding of Autism, leading to delayed diagnosis and inadequate support for affected individuals and their families and Dr. A M Reddy found it the hard way.

Over the years, he came across numerous patients who were suffering from Autism or ASD and saw their parents suffer due to the stigma around it in India as they used to look at Autistic people as less privileged. Dr. A M Reddy’s heart was broken. So, he decided to embark on a journey to find a cure for Autism. He has traveled abroad to research about Autism as there was minimal to no research done on Autism at that point in time. In 2018, he started his own first-ever Autism clinic named “Dr. A M Reddy Autism Centre” and has treated more than 1lakh patients who were suffering from Autism. He has written multiple articles to spread awareness of Autism and how homeopathy treatment can “Cure the Incurable”.

Awards & Accolades:

  • Member of the UK Parliament
  • Best Treatment Award 2022 by HyBiZ TV
  • National Achievers Award 2021
  • Suman TV 2021 Awards
  • Best Doctor award in Hyderabad from Vidya Ratna 2013


Dr. A M reddy follows the “Prevention is Better than Cure” principle. He thinks that various factors such as sperm quality of men, habits of a mother during pregnancy, and using medication during the trimester can affect the onset of Autism. He also believes in the fact that the body can heal naturally without the usage of any foreign substances such as Antibiotics. In conclusion, if we stop using antibiotics and make lifestyle changes and improve our immune system we can altogether prevent/reduce the effects of Autism in children.



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