Homeopathy treatment for Mental Retardation(IQ)

During ancient days, people had more time for one another and thus pursued a beautiful and peaceful time with their families , maybe because the entire family worked together to ensure they had food to eat, like many families in developing countries today and though not very expressive they share a bond of love in relationships genuinely without much stress. But, in the modern era most of us are facing stressful life ,be it  in professional and personal front in life for various reasons. We are finding it difficult to connect with older people and with pour close ones like our the children and safeguarding their future. One can assume it is pretty easy to understand a child but it’s not easy to understand nor make the child’s life safe and healthy as many features are concentrated to store the precious childhood.  In this article we will get a brief about types, symptoms, causes and Homeopathy Treatment for mental retardation.

Stress during these days has become a common factor due to which people experience imbalance in their daily activities and make things impossible in a lighter way especially for parents making it very hard to spend quality time with their children. If you are a parent of child suffering with mental retardation and looking for help, you have come to the right place. 

Mental retardation might occur at any age, and children are not an exception to it. It could be of various reasons such as genetics, stress levels, infections transmitted from mother unnecessary exposure to drugs or environmental chemicals, problems with caregiving to mother during pregnancy and much more. Mental Retardation is classified into different types depending upon the IQ of the person.

Mental Retardation

Mental retardation is now renamed as intellectual disability.

Clinicians usually miss mental retardation in young children. The condition is present in 2 to 3 percent of the population, either as an isolated finding or part of a syndrome or broader disorder. Causes of sub normality are numerous and include genetic and environmental factors. In a minimum of 30 to 50 percent of cases, physicians cannot work out etiology despite thorough evaluation. 

Diagnosis is on point  with the help of  a comprehensive personal and family case history especially mother’s during her pregnancy, a thorough physical examination, and a careful developmental assessment of the kid. These will guide appropriate evaluations and referrals to produce counseling, resources for the family, and early intervention programs for your kid. The family physician is inspired to continue regular follow-up visits to facilitate a smooth transition to adolescence and young adulthood.

According to the records, normal individual IQ levels should be above 80; those below the mentioned levels are considered disabled. Most of the time, the child’s intelligence, adaptability, development, interactive skills, reasoning, and decision-making ability are obstructed in various grades. 

Categories of Mental Retardation 

Mild (IQ score 50-75)

  • Slower than normal altogether areas
  • Can conform socially
  • Can acquire daily task skills
  • Integrated into community
  • No unusual physical signs
  • Can achieve sensible accomplishments
  • Review and math command up to grades 3-6

Moderate (IQ 35-49)

  • Willing to participate in uncomplicated exertion and self-care
  • May perform administered tasks
  • Willing travel alone to recognizable locales
  • Remarkable delays, especially in speech
  • Performs irrelevant sensible signs
  • Determine simple conversations
  • Excellence in fundamental health and assured skills

Severe (IQ 20-34)

  • Compelling delays in smear cases
  • Can delay in walk 
  • Delay in proficient and uncomplicated self-care
  • Seeks supervision for performing works socially
  • Lacks simple or says no to communication skills, 
  • A better understanding of a few responses with speech 
  • Interested in performing repetitive tasks and daily chores

Profound (IQ <20)

  • Valid delays in all chores 
  • Acknowledge them to routine chores
  • Unable to perform self-care
  • Intellectual exceptions are liable 
  • Committed to the administration
  • Requires attention and utmost care

Consulting a physician at the early stages might reduce the risk of disease progress .

Signs and symptoms 

Children exhibit different signs from infancy and these might not be notable till their school age. The most liable symptoms include:

  • Difficulty in learning and delay in development compared to other kids of the same age
  • Delayed milestones – For example : Rolling over, crawling, sitting up, walking late , talking is noticed significantly later than expected.
  • Trouble learning in education
  • Learning and adaptive skills that were previously  easy may suddenly become difficult or impossible to practice
  • Difficulty in mastering things like dressing, potty training, and feeding themselves
  • Unable to remembering things
  • Inability to connect actions with consequences
  • Behavior problems, explosive tantrums, and low to average IQ scores
  • Mood disorders , aggressive behavior harming self,etc associated with the disability.


Mental retardation is now renamed as intellectual disability.

  • Genetic factors like Down’s syndrome or Mongolism
  • Birth impairment headmost to poor APGAR levels or cerebral palsy
  • Infections affecting the brain and its coverings like encephalitis, meningitis
  • Prenatal infections in mothers like cytomegalovirus, rubella, etc.
  • Intake of liquor, lenitive, smoking by pregnant women
  • Late pregnancy, i.e., maternal age more than 35
  • Congenital disabilities may affect the child growth
  • Exposure to harmful toxins and other chemicals 
  • Nutritional deficiencies like Iodine deficiency
  • Head injuries

Effects of Mental Retardation

The effects of the disorder might be based on 

  • Attention disorders
  • Low self-esteem 
  • Difficulty to remember
  • Prone to medical concerns
  • Employment and longevity in jobs
  • Poor assistance and unable to live independently

Other disorders

The other disorders which may lead to associated with mental retardation are

  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Impulse controls
  • Aggression 
  • Autism spectrum 
  • Attention-deficit
  • Self-harm


  • Genetic: It is advised to seek counseling during pregnancy to avoid such disorders at times which can help parents decide after understanding the risk. 
  • Social: Nutrition programs can reduce the incapacity related to malnutrition. Early intervention in situations involving abuse and poverty also will help.
  • Toxic: Preventing exposure to steer, mercury, and other toxins reduces the chance of disability. Teaching women about the risks of alcohol and medicines during pregnancy also can help reduce risk.
  • Infectious Diseases: Certain infections can result in intellectual disability. Preventing these diseases reduces the danger. For instance, rubella syndrome will be prevented through vaccination. Avoiding exposure to cat feces that may cause toxoplasmosis during pregnancy helps reduce disability from this infection.
  • Public education 
  • Neonatal screening
  • Health and family planning

Homeopathy Treatment for Mental Retardation 

Homeopathy is flexible and may cure innumerable diseases with no side effects and further complications. The homeopathy treatment principle is straight forward because it is useful to cure the person by boosting the immune system and not suppressing the disease within the physical structure. A case study of the person plays a significant role as medications are offered after analysis of the physical symptoms, emotions, ability, parental history, and assessing the individual’s birth and known clinical observations although they’re minute. Statements of the case include the physical and psychological behavior of the child, reactions to conditions, and communication skills within the public.

Dr. A M Reddy Autism Centre has treated numerous untreatable cases with a success, Our experts early intervention, diet and homeopathy treatment for mental retardation helped many children to overcome through the condition and brought a huge hope to the parents.


Experts have an ear on the children with severe or profound intellectual disabilities, and there could also be other health problems in addition. The intelligence of the kids can be characterized by their performance while doing activities and tasks completion speed. Kids who often overwhelming to complete chores are considered on priority to treat them. Other disorders listed are anxiety, seizures, autism, hearing problems, motor skills impairment, and vision problems. Check your child’s IQ and get advice from our consultant for an early diagnosis and to avoid further complications and well being of your child. Homeopathy treatment for mental retardation helps treating the condition by improving the immunity of an individual. Book your appointment

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