International Women's day event 2024
International Women's day event 2024

International Women’s day event 2024

The hall in the bustling city of Hyderabad on International Women’s Day in Hotel Daspalla was brimming with excitement as Dr. AM Reddy Autism Center organized a special session for women, specially curated for mothers who face a difficult time taking care of their kids with autism. The event was held on 7th March 2024 and was attended by many participants who were expecting mothers and mothers of autistic children. 

Dr. Mishka brought warmth in her welcome speech to the audience and said women and mothers are the nucleus of the family. Most vividly, the session was not a kind of information transfer. Everything that was there was an open-heart sharing. Prospective and experienced mothers equally shared their pains and jubilation in taking care of their autistic children and how they found hope in Dr AM Reddy’s treatment. Fathers did not also stay behind in thanking Dr. AM Reddy for the diligent support given by his team.

It is in the midst of the conversations, Dr. AM Reddy Autism Center staff exhibited themselves as women champions. By strengthening resilience and self-discovery among the mothers, the staff spoke of the importance of women in creating a conducive environment. They all expressed their service to the mothers with passion as they affirmed their support and glorified their operations. That was a strong link that made everyone in attendance share a common feeling. The staff promised to continue empowering women and developing their resilience and self-awareness, they connected, and all seemed to be in unison. 

Ms. Vedha, who has an excellent understanding and experience in dealing with autistic kids, gave tips on communication strategies doable for fathers and mothers at home. The principle of repetition, breaking tasks into minute steps, and gradual growth were the underlying aspects of her voice. Using practical and demonstrative activities, she up their game in creating a bond with children. She pulled in people from the crowd and conducted small activities so parents could interact and relate better. 

The best of the event came when Dr. AM Reddy came to the stage, speaking to the congregation with wisdom and encouragement. First, he thanked his mother and wished all women in the audience. Dr. AM Reddy remarked on how strong and capable mothers were and how they are often regarded as the pillars of society. 

He then gave thanks to Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy, who found out about Homeopathy and brought a new dawn in the lives of many. Dr. AM Reddy spoke about his influences and gurus who instilled a desire for the science of homeopathy within him. He expressed his gratitude to his mother and father for empowering his identity with a feeling of responsibility. He then spoke about the importance of autism awareness, stating that autism is non-reversible with modern medicine, and the possibilities of obtaining it are noticeably increasing. He hoped that homeopathy, unlike other levels of medicine, would finally save persons with autism and provide the right treatment. He emphasized treatment not only by his words but also prepared each mother in the back for the same with some very important tips. Dr. AM Reddy not only delivered knowledge about autism ailments, but his words also encouraged those who listened.

Further, Dr. Ashwini talked about therapies among the most important regimes for children to have. Going with occupational therapy and speech therapy, she reiterated the importance of personalized treatment methods. She also gave information on all the therapies and how parents need to be wise enough to choose the best therapies for their children. Her piece of before and after pictures was an eye-opener in which she emphasized the importance of every researcher being observant and adaptable to change to meet the needs of an individual. 

At the end of the session, a certificate awarded to all for the motivational opportunity awarded to all attendees. It was a token of grate to the identifier Dr. AM Reddy autism center for the ever-long tenet endowment and resistance. The ceremony was concluded and a cake was cut as women smiled in laughter and graced the event in unity and clarity. It was a maternal revolution and unity. In internal retrospection, it was more than a session; in the future, interest it was a life-saving instrument for mothers. It was just, in conclusion, the hope of tomorrow and the must talk about the past.


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