Parenting Tips for a Stronger Connection with Your Autistic Child

Parenting Tips for a Stronger Connection with Your Autistic Child

Parenting Tips for a Stronger Connection with Your Autistic Child

Every parent dreams of having a happy and healthy child. They also do everything possible to keep their child in great health. ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) diagnosis for a child can be tough on both the parent and child. 

This situation needs to be dealt with a great deal of strength and sensitivity!

As a parent of an autistic child, there are times when any parent might feel that the available support and information are insufficient to raise a child. It’s okay to feel that way, and it’s okay to need support at times.

Here we are to give you some information in our style and remind you that you are not alone!

 Something that life cannot prepare you for is parenting. No matter how much you prepare yourself, something new might keep coming up now and then. 

As a parent, you might wonder, “How do I do this?”

We are right here to help you get through your hard days!

Below are a few parenting tips that may be useful for parents of an autistic child. A few of these apply to all parents.

1. Take your child for Group Activities:

Figuring out group activities for your child and taking them along for play will help you connect better with them. 

 Engaging your autistic child in group activities helps them in multiple ways:

  1. Improves social behavior.
  2. It helps with focus.
  3. It helps you connect better with them.
  4. It helps the child make good friends.
  5. It helps the child open up.
  6. It improves the child’s learning abilities.

 Include activities in their routine that are pure fun.

Understand your child well and observe what they enjoy the most; this varies from one child to another. Some children are different, and so are their favorite activities. 

You may consider the below activities:

  • Board Games
  • Group play with musical instruments
  • Roleplay
  • Outdoor activities
  • Name game
  • Emotion cards
  • Building Block Game
  •  Worksheets
  • Sensory Bottles
  • Matching Games

If they do well in any aspect, be it their playtime, learning, or anywhere else, reward them. Tell them exactly what you are rewarding them for. This will help them understand what you like about them and what they did right. This will also help them make the right choices eventually. It will slowly become a habit.

Remember that even in their fun time, some children on the spectrum might not mingle immediately with other children.

 Let them take their own time!

2. Get support when needed:

They say, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and whoever said this was right. It means that a lot of support is needed to raise a child. In the case of children on the spectrum, much more support is needed.

Having understanding people around your child can have a very positive impact on the child. Surround yourself and your child with people who understand their condition and will never look down upon them. 

Apart from this, children also need to be in positive spaces, which will improve their overall well-being. 

Our suggestion to all parents of autistic children is that “You don’t have to do this alone.”

3. As a parent, always remember to take good care of yourself:

You should be strong and healthy to give your child the care they need. So as the primary caregiver of an autistic child, always remember to give yourself everything you need for a happy and healthy life. When you are in a good state of mind, you can care for your child better. 

Your child might need lots of support from you emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

To be your child’s support system, your overall well-being also matters

The better you are, the better care your child gets!

4. Be Consistent with the Schedule: 

It’s no wonder that every parent puts their child on a timetable. They plan their child’s activities, keeping in mind their condition. This part of an autistic child’s life is even more important, as kids with autism(Autism Spectrum Disorder- ASD) thrive when they have a well-planned routine. 

Just like how a parent plans a routine, they should also make sure that the child is consistent and sticks to the routine. 

Make a schedule for your child that includes regular mealtimes, homework, play, and getting ready for bed. Limit the number of breaks in your routine. If a schedule adjustment is required, let the child know in advance by telling them a social story or explaining it.

5. Celebrate your Child’s Small Wins: 

Just like how a small celebration encourages us to do better, it is the same with these children. Celebrating their small wins makes them feel good. It could be a very minor aspect, like working on a behavior change, doing well in a test, or forming a new good habit that they have been working on for a long time. 

“No victory is small in the case of children with Autism( Autism Spectrum Disorder)”

Here are a few ways you can let your child understand that they did well:

a. Appreciate the child in your words and actions:

“When you praise your child, be certain.”  

When you praise your child for their accomplishments, make sure it is good enough that your child observes your actions or words. Let your child know that you are proud of them. It boosts their confidence and helps them do well in the future. 

Verbal praise is the best kind; in your actions, you can hug your child to let them know they did great. But in case your child is sensitive to hugs, you can choose to dance or do whatever action they’d enjoy. 

b. Share their victory in your close circle:

You might have a network of people who know the child’s condition and whose presence the child might be comfortable in. In the presence of these people who genuinely care for your child, you can share their victory at a social gathering. 

c. Make them feel special:

“Making your child feel special is the best gift you can give them.”

We are sure that, as a parent, you might know what your child enjoys. Be it their favorite cake, doing their favorite activity, or just giving them a toy that they’ve longed for quite some time. Figure out what makes your child feel truly special and plan a surprise around the same. If your child enjoys a small social gathering, it can also be a nice way to celebrate your child’s wins.

6. Destress Yourself  Regularly

Parents of an Autistic child deal with a high amount of stress compared to others. Parenting can get stressful at times, but in the case of an Autistic child, the parents deal with it more. To cope with everything you deal with regularly, you need to build a few stress-free practices that can help you mentally. 

a. Taking Breaks: Although parenting is a 24/7 job, take a break from parenting when needed. Figure out someone who can take good care of your child in your absence, who knows the child’s condition, and leave your child in their care while you take a small break.

b. Do your favorite activities: Look at practices that help you destress, like hitting the gym, walking, or spending time with your friends. 

c. Look for a good caregiver for your child: As it’s almost impossible to be next to your child all the time, as a parent, it’s okay to rely on another person. It could be a hired nanny, a family member, or a friend. But the key is to find someone that your child is comfortable with and someone who understands the child’s condition well.  It also exposes the child to a different atmosphere. When such kinds of changes happen, give your child time to adapt to a new person or a new routine. It’s also important to prepare them well for the upcoming changes.

d. Meditate Regularly: Take time every day to meditate and understand your thoughts. Observe the changes in yourself and correct them when needed. It helps you flush out unnecessary negative thoughts. It could be a few minutes a day; find time just for yourself and sit down with yourself. Meditation also helps you connect with yourself.

7. Have a Balanced Life for yourself and your child:

This is applicable both for you and your child; having a balanced life helps. A well-balanced life is a combination of everything; it is a combination of learning, playing, eating well, and also getting adequate sleep. It’s a parent’s responsibility to make sure that an Autistic Child’s schedule has a bit of everything included. Make sure you plan a routine for your child that is well-balanced and also apply the same to yourself.

Life might get chaotic at times, but always, always remember to make fun a priority. Be it socializing with old friends or picking up old hobbies, these habits help you cope wonderfully and will prepare you well for any hard days ahead. 

Along with using these parenting tips, the most important part is to give them the best treatment available for Autism( Autism Spectrum Disorder- ASD). For treating your Autistic child, you may consider Hyderabad’s best autism Center, Dr A M Reddy Autism Center, which has a team of experts to give your child the best expert care. 

While tips help you handle your child well, treatment helps your child with the core issue. Both should go hand in hand for great results in your child’s life.

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